The Applied Technology Center (ATC) regularly offers seminars that are designed to keep engineers and managers abreast of cutting-edge technological development, current applications and newly developed techniques. While some of these seminars focus on the foundation of fluid power, others explore more advanced sophisticated concepts in a high-tech, applications-oriented environment.

Why choose MSOE for your professional development?

  • Hands-on approach
  • Reputable faculty and staff
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Long-term commitment to professional development
  • Professional education partnerships with the industry
  • ATC sponsors public, private and customized seminars to meet your needs.

Private and Customized Seminars

Tháp đồng xổ số ngày hôm quaThe office of Professional Education also conducts private seminars. These seminars can be on-site or in our premises. Seminars may be customized by changing lecture curriculum and/or adding proprietary laboratory exercises. More than 200 individuals a year are educated through tailored on-site programs. Please contact us for more information on private seminar offerings.

Universal Fluid Power Trainer

Tháp đồng xổ số ngày hôm quaThe Universal Fluid Power Trainer (UFPT) is a modular, smart and unique fluid power and motion control training unit. It contains an excellent integration of industrial-graded hardware and built-in software licenses to help teach and demonstrate fluid power technology.

Not sure where to start? Take our self-guided test, send us your answer sheet, and we will let you know the best course to fit your needs based on our Course Map.